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If you like Hot Sauces to help wake up your food, you’re going to love American Fire’s Super Five.
Let Seminole Sunshine with it’s hint of Florida ( Orange peel ) take you on a vacation to the hot sandy beaches of the Sunshine State. Our Jalapeno Onion is a marriage of feisty partners, each making their best effort to pleasure you, you love its green goodness. There’s nothing more sultry than summer time in Georgia, sweltering heat is promised when you apply Georgia Heat to your meal of choice, with both picante and real Vidalia Onion flavors, you’ll feel this sauce all the way down south. Next up is Fully Engaged, use this sauce and you’ll understand how it got its name. It’s time to start looking for something to drink, we advise having your own pumper on standby. WARNING, our fifth selection is called, Run, Don’t Look Back for a reason, it’s hot, it the hottest sauce
we sell. If this were a structure fire, you’d be wetting down the neighbor’s houses, there’s no saving anything here, time to call the insurance agent.

Pack Contains:
1x Seminole Sunshine Hot Sauce
1x Jalapeño Onion Hot Sauce
1x Georgia Heat Hot Sauce
1x Fully Engaged Hot Sauce
1x Run, Don’t Look Back Hot Sauce


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