Kory Hertzog

Purchasing Manager, Fire Line Equipment. Not sure what part you’re looking for, Kory is the man to help you. He works with a wide range of vendors to make sure customers and the service department get the exact parts they need for their fire trucks. An avid hunter and outdoorsman, he travels to several different states during the year and shoots firearms every Wednesday night May thru September. Kory and his fiancé also share their home with a menagerie of animals including a blind horse that has its own seeing eye mini-horse.

Shannon Eberly

Service Supervisor, Fire Line Equipment. Husband, Father, FireFighter, Deputy Fire Chief, , Former Fire Chief, Although one of the newer hires at Fire Line, Shannon’s well developed leadership skills were recognized quickly and his star rose quickly as he was named Service Supervisor. In that role, Shannon assigns the right man to each task to ensure the best result possible for Fire Line service customers, that means knowing what needs to be done and having the right parts on hand when needed to minimize downtime for these machines, everyday in the shop is a day they aren’t on call ready to save lives.

Nadine Porman

Used Apparatus Sales Manager, Fire Line Equipment. Wife, Mother. Firefighter. Former Assistant Chief, Some say she’s the heart of Fire Line Equipment, she’s quick to share a smile, but don’t be fooled, under that smile is driven sales professional who knows more about the fire service than most of those who buy her trucks. Nadine became a firefighter at age 14, she grew up in a firehouse, her dad was a firefighter, her husband is a firefighter and she in fact lives behind her own volunteer fire station. When your department needs apparatus, you simply tell Nadine what you want and she’ll leave no stone unturned until that truck is sitting at your fire station.

Mike Jamison

New Apparatus Sales Manager, Fire Line Equipment. Mike is a patient man, you have to be when selling fire apparatus that costs $500,000 to $2,000,000. The sales cycle is long and the questions are many, it’s a relationship driven business and Mike is the king of making deals and shaking hands. He plays golf when he’s not working and as a sales guy, sometimes when his is working.

Kelly Saylor

General Manager, Fire Line Equipment. Father, Firefighter, Former Fire Chief. Kelly is the heir apparent at Fire Line Equipment, the man who oversees the whole crew directly under the guidance of Tim and Ron. He’ll be the first one to tell you that he’s learned a lot from the two masters he serves, but he has visions of his own to grow Fire Lire Equipment bigger and better. Kelly used to design aerial and ladder apparatus, he knows these trucks from when he drew them on paper with his own hand. You’ll find him to be laid back and contemplative, but that’s a thin disguise for the man used to being in charge on fire scenes, there’s a fierceness brewing inside.

Ronald Fink

Partner/Co-Owner, Fire Line Equipment. Father, Avid Outdoorsman and Raconteur extreme. Ron is the co-founder of Fire Line Equipment and oversees the parts and service side of the business. When not working, you can look for Ron, but he might be hard to find in full camouflage in a tree stand, duck blind or boat, Ron is a sporting machine with a fishing pole, bow and arrow, cross bow, shot gun, rifle or a pistol. Do you have a favorite story, Ron doesn’t he has a hundred of them and loves to share.

Tim Ashworth

Partner/Co-Owner, Fire Line Equipment. U. S. Marine Corps Veteran. Father, Avid Motorcyclist. Tim Ashworth is the co-founder of Fire Line Equipment and oversees the sales and marketing side of the business. You can find Tim on the shop floor almost any day dispensing his advice and expertise in aerial and ladder apparatus repairs to the crew. When not at work, Tim has a wife, two daughters, two boxer dogs and a motorcycle that keep occupied when not at work.

Lancaster, PA Newspaper

American Fire TV was featured in the LancasterOnline newspaper. The newspaper is produced in one of the shooting locations: Lancaster, PA.

The article can be read online at the following link: http://lancasteronline.com/features/american-fire-will-show-behind-the-scenes-action-of-local/article_57308ecc-093c-11e5-bbe1-bf51aa419c02.html

Alternatively, an image of the article is posted below.