Dave Moyer

Parts Support Technician, Fire Line Equipment. Dave takes care of the on-line part store and is constantly improving descriptions and adding parts so with a few clicks the customer gets exactly what they need. In addition, he also assists with shop orders, shipping/receiving and parts ordering. Always willing to help, Dave is part of the Lion Club. He can also be found on the golf course or on a bicycle when not at work.

Jimmy Smith

Shop Technician, Fire Line Equipment. It became a family affair when Jimmy joined his brother Shawn here at Fire Line. Jimmy’s welding experience has been a great asset to the shop. Welding is about the only time he stands in one spot. With his wife and four kids, Jimmy also participates and trains for Spartan and Savage races.

Joe Spencer

Shop Technician, Fire Line Equipment. Often referred to as “Junior” around the shop, Joe has adapted well to working on fire trucks, transitioning from excavating equipment. Working part time at a local gun shop, Joe likes to take place in shooting competitions. He now has bragging rights in a friendly competition with some of his older, more experienced co-workers. Joe and his wife share their home with two labs and two chickens.

Brad Baxter

Road Technician, Fire Line Equipment. At one time a Sprint car racer, Brad now rides a four wheeler and travels across the country working on fire apparatus. When he comes home, he and his girlfriend are off again to fish and hunt with a bow or a rifle he fabricated.

Barry Charles

Shipping Clerk, Fire Line Equipment. Barry makes sure to keep the stockroom running smoothly, handling both the receiving and shipping. Kory keeps him hopping with a constant flow of new orders going out. He also assists in researching and ordering parts, as well as working with customers. At home, Barry takes off the work boots and puts on a chef’s hat. Need a good recipe, check with Barry.

Tim Sweigart

Shop Technician, Fire Line Equipment. Ask Tim what he likes to do and his response is “Work.” His day doesn’t end at Fire Line Equipment, he works part time repairing cars or is painting at someone’s house. Tim manages to slip some fun into his busy schedule shooting pool, camping and spending time with his family.

Steve Boley

Shop Technician, Fire Line Equipment. The “Old Man” of the group, Steve can easily be found in the shop, just listen for the singing. When not working on fire apparatus, Steve can be found working on his son and daughter in laws Micro Sprint race car. He also enjoys hunting and fishing, but his favorite is being Paw Paw to his two young grandsons.

Shawn Smith

Tech Support/Road Technician, Fire Line Equipment. Shawn is the go to guy when it comes to walking someone through a repair and he does it all with a few diagrams, several pictures and he doesn’t need to be in front of the truck. Shawn is so well versed on how fire trucks run; he easily assists customers to get their units back in service. He can also be found on the shop floor, working on the hard to find electrical issues and often helps train the newer employees. Teaching comes naturally, Shawn and his wife have five children. Shawn is also involved with his church and has gone as far as Russia and Hungary for mission trips.

Kathy Brandt

Accountant, Fire Line Equipment. If it is printed on paper, it’s a sure bet it will end up with Kathy. Though she has a degree in art, Kathy handles the accounting, HR & payroll duties, customer files, receptionist, office management and assists anywhere else she is needed. She even comes in over the weekend to clean the offices. Off time is spent with family enjoying game night and going to the movies or trying to put the finishing touches on her book while writing and note taking for the other three or four she has started.